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  1. The Tongue Patrol Sales Rep - Fulfilling Married Women's Fantasies (Electronic book text)
  2. Damien Dsoul
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Simone Leigh.

Sarah McCarty. Damien Dsoul. Lara Wet.

The Tongue Patrol Sales Rep - Fulfilling Married Women's Fantasies (Electronic book text)

Nancy Madore. Megan Hart. Maricca Fox Darling. Di VI Na.

Damien Dsoul

Qiana Rae. Lariana Bouche. Marquis de Sade. Rafe Bergamont. Nicky Raven. Kayla Perrin. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features.

of: Damien Dsoul

New Releases. Filter your search Keyword. Availability All In Stock Format All Paperback Hardback 4. Refine results. Filter your search. Showing 1 to 30 of results. Add to basket. Flipside Erotica Presents Darrin Michaels. As more expatriates pour into the city, Shango has suitable pickings of snaring naive white women left alone by their unsuspecting husbands into his erotic trap with climatic results.

A housewife decides to reveal to her husband her infidelity secret in the most unusual way; A husband blindfolds his wife before leading her into a room with an encounter with multiple black men; a Black dominant tricks a submissive executive into convincing his wife of his secret fetish. Here are ten stories of high caliber story-telling and erotic pleasure showcasing the tantalizing lengths of which married couples would go toward achieving their sexual pleasures. The job affords him the benefit of subjugating himself into the lives of whichever foreign couple he so wishes.

Recently he has just found the perfect couple. And by the time he's done with them, their lives will never be the same again. Alana isn't so excited about it, but unknown to her and her accompanying sister-in Law, Linda, there's more to their summer holiday than meets the eye. There's going to be a lot of sexual temptation, the likes of which both women will be unable to resist.

Her boss, Gerald Lamas, has long being thinking up ways of getting between her legs. Right now he has found the perfect means, and before the weekend is over, Sophie's way of living will never be the same again.

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Never was she expecting anyone like Clavin Brown, and the swirling emotions she would undergo upon meeting him. Constance Loftus, a rich lonely widow whose son is missing has found the perfect man to find her boy. Still nothing is ever what it seems, and before he knows it, Thaddeus Black is neck deep in secrets and dark histories that just might overwhelm him in his search for the missing kid.

A pretty dame he spent the night with is missing and all fingers point to him. With nothing to go on, except for a Chesire cat, he's got less time to solve the case than he becoming someone else's cat food. Ana and her husband have thus found the best form of role-play neither thought they would ever experience, awakening moments of lust in their lives, the likes they had never experienced.

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He roams his domain in Nigeria, conquering, seducing and mauling white wives and their hubbies. Monica once was a naive and unhappy American house wife who never knew how far her sexual appetites and desires would go. With more white wives out there to conquer, he's just getting started.


Caroline Martin's life changed when she lost her husband. Months later a stranger walked into her life and it's never been the same again. Two neighbours are about to start a practice of swinging that's about to get hot for the summer. There are tales of hot wives being naughty, of hubbies wanting their wives seduces, also of couples desiring domination.

These stories are sexually entertaining as they are raunchy. TIBBS loves his white women,and they can't resist loving him back.

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Now he's conquering a white neighbourhood and the white couples next door will never be the same again. Her mom Sophie is a sexually-starved milf in need of a man. Cassie, unhappy with her mom's status takes matters into her own hands by getting her boyfriend Marcus to seduce her mom which inevitably leads to a climax that will be life-changing for all three of them. Saul Mellors is a mild-mannered suburbian who'd lost his former job and is about to be involved in something he hardly knew he ever would be a part of.

Soon things are going to get heated up in his neighbourhood in ways he could barely control, even as it inches towards his front doorstep. Here are five stories to showcase his actions. BUY IT. This is his story. This is her story.

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