Interpretation des lyrischen Werkes Auf dem See von J. W. v. Goethe (German Edition)

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The destitute persona, who is obviously no Titan, made a plea for preventing him from slavery 3 and death, but although Prometheus faced the end of life, the deaf Greek gods did not feel pity for their child. It is exactly this crucial event during the clash of the Titans that had a long-term effect on the ignorant believer, which was already implied by the contemptuous use of an irrealis mood.

Schulz 76 , which is proof of scientism.

Full text of "German American annals"

On the one hand, this could be perceived as allusion to Ossian cf. Weimar 89 ; on the other hand, this simile underlines that the aggressive Maker does not have creative power.

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In this context, it can be remarked that the clouds of mist caricature the omnipotence of the unskilful sky father. In this case, the inactive and hard-hearted allfather could represent the aristocracy and princely rule.

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In this context, it is of great significance that Prometheus accuses both temporal and spiritual authority, e. Weber The socio-critical nuances of the poem become clearer when Prometheus refers to the third estate by naming the beggars that are pauperised because of cult. Inhalt 1.

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Introduction 2. Synthesis Bibliography 1. Introduction The Literary Reception of Mythic Prometheus For many centuries, artists have been treating the myth of Prometheus in their masterpieces, and it is this fascination with Greek mythology that has never wavered. Sign in to write a comment. Read the ebook.

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Germanistik - Neuere Deutsche Literatur J. In addition to a translation that could profitably be studied again and again as an exemplar of its art and, occasionally, of the pitfalls of technical mastery become carelessness this volume contains: 1, an almost eighty-page Introduction recounting in detail how Faust II was composed, relating its composition to Goethe 's varied interests, and interpreting its action both autobiographically and allegorically ; 2, translations of three paralipomena "Ideal striving Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

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No institutional affiliation. While the rhythm of the first two stanzas depicts the ride of the narrator, the third stanza is quite slow and irregular. The last stanza is again more regular and faster. It is nightfall and fog is covering the ground. The person speaking rides to his beloved one.

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He is looking forward to a meeting, which, however, can only take place secretly. In the meantime the moon is shining, but due to the clouds it can be hardly seen. He describes the nightly surrounding, which creates an eery atmosphere: While the wind sweeps round his ears scarily, the night creates a thousand monsters cf line 12f.

Nevertheless, his anticipation towards the future meeting as well as his passion for his beloved lady overweighs these negative impressions. In contrast, the third stanza only conveys positive feelings. While in the first two stanzas the person speaking was anxious and frightful, it is now totally absorbed by the meeting with his beloved one.

The beloved seems to have expected him fondly and is enjoying the meeting with him, too. The narrator reports about his feelings towards the lady and he explains that his heart is totally on her side as well as each breath is only taken for her line 19f. Finally, he even thanks deities for these experiences. The final stanza addresses the farewell as the concluding part of the poem. As the sun has in the meantime risen, the meeting has to come to an end. The farewell seems to be quite difficult for both.

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The anaphora in line 27f. In deinem Auge welcher Schmerz!

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PDF Interpretation des lyrischen Werkes Auf dem See von J. W. v. Goethe (German Edition)

While the narrator rides away, she keeps looking at the ground sadly with tears in her eyes. I especially appreciate the message that it is worth fighting for love, even though it may involve negative aspects as well. The simple structure enables the reader to focus on its multifarious content.

While stanzas 1 and 2 decribe the longing but also frightening ride to the beloved one, the third stanza represents the intimate and romantic encounter between the two lovers. The final stanza tells about the dear but painful farewell.

In meinen Herzen welche Glut! Ich hofft es, ich verdient es nicht! Quicker than thought I am astride, Earth now lulled by end of day, Night hovering on the mountainside. A robe of mist around him flung, The oak a towering giant stood, A hundred eyes of jet had sprung From darkness in the bushy wood. Atop a hill of cloud the moon Shed piteous glimmers through the mist, Softly the wind took flight, and soon With horrible wings around me hissed.