7 Steps to Launch Your Goals

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  2. 7 Steps to Launch Your Goals
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At the same time, enrollment in online courses is on the rise and thousands of people from all around the world are investing in this modern way of learning to equip themselves with the skills and knowledge of tomorrow. Aspiring edupreneurs, who believe in the power of education have recognized the value of an online course and have already started building their digital teaching empires. A single brainstorming session might not be enough to come up with a suitable course subject, but fortunately, there are other ways.

Coming up with what you know best or asking your friends, family and your network for possible suggestions is usually a good starting point. However, an already tested formula to use is this three-fold: your course topic needs to be:. The most important thing to consider is that it needs to be a subject that can solve a specific problem that your chosen audience is struggling with.

So, first and foremost, you need to find out if there needs to be a demand for it. People are searching online to learn how to cook, get fit, have better lives or learn skills that will help them get a job or a promotion. If you can help them in improving their lives, then you can make that a course and sell it! All the preparation of gathering the best resources, planning the course content and then writing it and building the site of your school can be time-consuming and can easily get out of control.

If you set deadlines for each though, you are more likely to stick to the plan and finish on time. For better results, I suggest you decide early on the following:. What you need to do is research and organize your material and structure your course in a way that works best for your students. Create chapters for the most important lessons that make up an effective learning curriculum. Short digestible lessons are better for retaining knowledge.

A sales page and the option to pre-register for a course are more than enough to get people on board before the actual launch.

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Then, you can focus on creating the course content. Focus on quality over quantity and engaging your students in a way they will feel the impact of your course. Every online business needs a website and every website needs visitors. To build an audience you will need to gather the email addresses of people who you think are going to be interested in taking your course. This can be easily done through retaining an active online presence either through social media or a sales page dedicated to your courses more on this later.

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Offering downloadables, free webinars or a sneak peak of your course are a few ways to start building your email list. Your email list is the first step to selling your course, as they will be people interested in what you have to say! Build an audience, give them value and then …. At this point, you are ready to start building a dedicated page for your online courses. This needs to be as detailed as it gets, providing a thorough synopsis on what your course entails.

And … you can always get ideas from great course creators out there. Follow people in your industry who already teach a subject and get inspired by their pages. Here are some examples of great course landing pages to get you started!

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The Ultimate Goal Setting Process: 7 Steps to Creating Better Goals | Lucidchart Blog

Part of the success of your sales page relies on the features and possibilities your chosen course platform offers. So, before you rush and go for a poor solution, think of your requirements and whether the platform fits those requirements. What thoughts, celebrations, successes or experiences would you want to look back on and celebrate from that day? Many times, that exact thing would happen by the end of the day.

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  2. The Ultimate Goal Setting Process: 7 Steps to Creating Better Goals.
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Give it a shot! I am always following 3 goals at any given time, and once I achieve one, I replace it with a new one and the cycle continues. These goals range from very personal to financial goals. Below is a guide to help you get started:. Who are you? Have you really thought about it?

7 Steps to Launch Your Goals

What words make up your character or describe who you really are? Who do you aspire to be?

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  • Why set goals?;
  • Take a minute each day to define or create your identity. Understanding who you are will attract the people, places and things you need to take you where you want to go. Once you have a better understanding of who you are, you will also understand any potential threats or obstacles better that could get in your way. I remember when one of my goals was to save money for a large purchase.

    I knew that frivolous spending was an immediate and almost undetectable threat to reaching this goal. In response, I used to write down all of the possible ways I could waste money in a day, such as buying coffee, taking a taxi instead of walking or unnecessarily ordering another glass of wine. Because I spent the time identifying the threat before it happened, I was able to avoid it entirely. You may have noticed that the to-do list was saved for last. This is intentional.


    Unfortunately most people run their lives by a to-do list, instead of leading it with their purpose and specific goals in mind. What happens when you do this is the reason most people:. Never reach their goals. Lose faith or focus on their goals. I try to keep my daily actions or goals to 10 or less. I even make some of my daily goals as simple as eating clean or drinking plenty of water.

    No matter what, the list of 10 or less always support my purpose, goals, predictions and character. Pretty simple, huh? This last step is for the more advanced readers, overachievers or the true goDoers! Once you have a new habit of journaling daily, you can start journaling more than once a day. Try journaling again after lunch or before you go to bed. Use this time to check-in with your goals, your day or your progress.

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    Many religions require its followers to pray multiple times a day. This is to keep them focused on their faith, their mission, values and beliefs. Journaling is no different. One of the most rewarding parts of journaling daily is when you are able to look back at the day, before falling asleep, to discover how much you accomplished or how much closer you allowed yourself to get to reaching your goals. Make the time to check in more than once a day and watch your results accelerate.

    There are few things more rewarding and FREE than this! Although it took some time and practice, as all good things do, getting into the habit of writing things down really helped me make it all happen. It really is that easy. And it can be that easy for you do. Goal Setting.

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